Document of the Day – Robert C. Schenck to Henry W. Halleck June 27, 1863

The Lincolnarchives Digital Project, located at is proud to provide today’s document, taken from the papers of Chief of Staff Henry Wager Halleck, which are located in RG 94, Entry 159, Subseries 1.  The Battle of Gettysburg is just days away.   Reports are coming in alerting Washington to rebel movements.

12:20 P.M.
In Cipher

United States Military Telegraph
War Department

Baltimore, June 27, 1863

Major General Halleck,

General Couch reports the rebels in possession of Gettysburg and moving east five thousand strong and expect today or tomorrow to hear of the Northern Central Railroad being cut.  I direct Col. Rodgers to defend block houses and stackades on any part of the line to the utmost.  I have completed nearly all my line of decenses around this city but have few guns for them.  My infantry outside of the old fort are the 69th N.Y. 462 men & the 55th N.Y. 210 men with three small companies of second Eastern Shore – total about 800 and all received.  My cavalry are out as scouts on all the roads.  The rest of my troops were sent as ordered to Monocacy, and are there on the March.

Robert Schenck

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